IP address MOUSE TRAP?

How do you find someone's ip address if they are harassing you in chat, forum or other online social media? How can you get the ip address of an anonymous person when you are the victim of online abuse? There are many ways explained if you google the subject, most of them complicated. With IP-GRABBER all you have to do is to make sure they open the link to your image. Like the cheese in a mouse trap, your picture will be irresistable! And voila, you get their ip address and timestamp in the log.

Q: Why is e-mail required now?

A: Users did not understand "optional", so let us see if they understand "required" then..

Real answer: do not want database and host e-mail polluted with large number of fake addresses.

Having the ip address of a computer at a certain point of time is like having a digital fingerprint, i.e. this can verify the owner/user of a computer or at least narrow down the location, unless it is behind a VPN, PROXY or other anonymizing devices. If your stalking harasser knows that you have his digital fingerprint, he might think twice about continuing, in fear of getting arrested.

HACKING: does not take any responsibility for criminal use of the information retrieved by the IP-GRABBER service. If you are looking for information about hacking, you are most certainly not welcome to use this service.

Contact us on e-mail if you need custom made security applications of any kind, we can provide skillful programmers to work on your project with full discretion.

How to find someones ip address, Find someones ip address, who is ip? where is ip? -

How to

Find somebody's IP ADDRESS by image link.

Who is ip? What is an ip address? - An ip address is a numerical address assigned to a device (computers, smartphones etc) connected in a network, by which other devices identify it. This address can be obtained with the help of this web-page. Internet service providers can use it to identify someone in case of a criminal investigation.

How? - You upload an image to this web-page and recieve a link to the image. You can send the link to somebody on mail/IM or use it in forum signatures/social network websites etc. When somebody opens/views the image in their browser, their IP ADDRESS will be logged and you will be able to view the log information on this web-page.

  -NEW by Fuglekos - JUMPSCARE!

  A service that can help you make somebody shit their pants

  -NEW by Fuglekos - deanonymizing TOR!

  A service that can help you get the real IP of a TOR user!



1. Choose a JPG/GIF
File name should be shorter than 15 chars.

(Only latin alphanumerics, no spaces in file names)
No XSS/shells please! If you upload executable codes, the codes will only be printed to screen when opening the file.

2. Password protect your log information
Choose password:
Repeat password:

3. E-mail address


(If you submit a non-existing address, you will have no way of activating the image. The image link starts working as soon as you open the activation link from your e-mail. Images that are not activated within 24 hours will be recycled)

You can use the same e-mail address for multiple images, not just one image per e-mail.

You will not recieve any spam from us, only the link activation e-mail.
By uploading you agree to our terms of service
(found on the bottom of the page)

  - HONEYPOT ip-grabber service!

HOW can you lay a trap for someone who just wont open an image link? Or: How can you verify if you are victim of keylogger malware, or other kind of surveillance?

    The answer is Fuglekos privateBox!

Essentially, it is a "fake" type of dropbox service. The difference is that none of the buttons on the site actually do anything, its just for the looks, even some fake files showing, and while you are logged in, you can monitor (almost)REALTIME the ip-address of the next who logs in using your credentials! No need to click refresh button, it uses javascript in the background to update every 60 seconds. When someone falls into your trap, the website will pop up a red box with the IP and timestamp, while playing a loud "ding"-sound. You also receive an e-mail.

So if its a hacker you want to catch, then create a login on privateBox and wait for him to go check it out, believing that he will get access to your private documents ;) If he has you keylogged so that he sees every keystroke you make, or is otherwise surveilling you, and he has the credentials, he will log in and you will immediately get notified!

If you believe that you are being keylogged or otherwise under surveillance, then just log in to privateBox and wait to see if they fall into the trap!

The site itself doesn't reveal any information about its REAL purpose, so you can of course use this trick in combination with social engineering, to manipulate your target to go to the site you just "hacked" and log in with the credentials you give him.

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Every internet server has access to the ip addresses of the clients (users) who open pages or files located on the server, the ip address is necessary for communication between them to happen. What this page does, is allow users to read the ip addresses from the log after their uploaded picture has been opened. To view the recorded log for your image, enter image filename, folder name and password in the "Access image log" box. (Similar to a normal login form)

You can upload a picture here and send the link to somebody. When they open/view the image, they appear in the log on, and you can read the log information. The image link can be used in forum signatures to get the ip address of all the people reading all threads you have written something in, or in a forum reply to capture the ip addresses of those who read that particular thread. You can send it to somebody on e-mail or chat and get their ip address when they open it.

TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS): THIS SERVICE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! THE SERVICE IS IN BETA STAGE AND WILL BE ACCEPTED "AS IS" BY THE USER - The service provider, Fuglekos, reserves the right to administrate and utilize uploaded / submitted data / information, and the right to deny giving service to any users for no particular reason. The user is obliged to declare offensive images or nudity/porn in advance by us through e-mail, otherwise they will be removed without further notice and user may be denied further services. This service is not to be used without the permission of the target being logged - i.e. you, the user, are obligated to inform the recipient of the link that they are being logged by opening/viewing the image. does not take any responsibility for criminal use of the information retrieved by the IP-GRABBER service. Uploaders ip will also be logged in case of criminal abuse and any potential following requests from law enforcement agencies. By uploading an image to this site, you agree to the terms of service.

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